International Warranty

Your Montfort watch was manufactured using high-quality materials and subjected to rigorous testing in the strict tradition of Swiss watchmaking. Each watch has been individually tested to ensure that it functions correctly, is water resistant and that its Super Stainless Steel is more resistant to scratches than normal stainless steel.

Inspection of goods: it is the customer’s responsibility to identify that the watch is new and in ‘as advertised’ condition. Any manufacturing defects that are visible should be reported immediately to Montfort Watches Co.

Sole authority: only Montfort watches company is authorized to determine the nature of a defect and whether or not the warranty is valid or not.

Your watch is covered for a period of two years from the date of purchase against any manufacturing defect under the two main conditions below

  1. Coverage: The warranty is valid for two (2) years and covers any functional defects that result from faulty manufacturing. Montfort will repair your watch free of charge.The guarantee does not cover straps, glasses or any deterioration of the case or movement due to improper or inadequate use of the watch. The watch case of your Montfort is by comparison ‘more scratch resistant’ than normal stainless steel but by no means does this warranty that your Montfort is scratchproof. Any actions carried out by anyone else other than Montfort (unless explicitly agreed to by Montfort Watches Company) are not included in this warranty and will render it null and void.
  2. Valid warranty cardIn order to benefit from the limited warranty, your warranty card, received with your Montfort watch, must be enclosed with the watch when it is sent for repair. The card must be valid and have an authorised stamp or signature, a purchase date and the same serial number as the one engraved on the case back. The warranty is void and null for watches with parts that have been removed, modified, falsified, altered, replaced, erased or rendered illegible.


How do I get my watch repaired?

Please write an email to for how to return your watch to Montfort. We recommend that you send it by registered mail, carefully wrapped to avoid damages. This guarantee does not affect your legal rights as a consumer.



Instructions – Setting date and Time

The movement used in the Strata Collection is the Sellita SW200 automatic and hand wound movement.  It features a date complication.

The crown provides three positions for hand winding the movement, setting date and adjusting the time.

1. Manually winding the movement

First unscrew the crown until you hear a click, then wind the crown clockwise. Wind the crown 15-20 times until the second starts moving.

2. Adjusting the date

Pull the crown in position 2) and wind the crown clockwise to set the date.

3. Adjusting the time

Pull the crown in position 3) and wind the crown either clockwise or anti-clockwise to set the time