Montfort Watches builds and develops unique timepiece that combine traditional watchmaking and innovative technology. It is the first Swiss Made brand with 3D printed stainless steel dial, allowing Montfort to design unique and complicated dials, previously unproduceable.


Developed with a Swedish company called Digital Metal from Sweden, the 3D printed dials on the Montfort Strata models are so complicated no other manufacturing technique would have been possible. The extreme precision and ultimate scalability of the digital metal solution makes this the perfect choice for the striking dials Montfort has on offer.

It is the face that sells the watch

Super Stainless Steel

Super Stainless Steel has been developed in conjunction with AIM SA of Switzerland and Expanite A/S of Denmark. Initially developed for offshore and aerospace applications this gaseos carbo-nitriding technology is unparalleled in its flexibility, hardening performance and anti-corrosive properties.

By diffusing at low temperature both nitrogen and carbon into the surface of the material, a layer is formed with a case depth of approximately 0.04mm (0.0016 in) with a surface hardness around 1200 HV (Hardness Vickers scale). The treated steel is 8 times harder than standard steel improving drastically the resistance to scratches.



The Montfort collection integrate a customized SW200 movements with black galvanic coating, blued screws, “Côtes de Genève” on oscillating mass. The SW200 is a compact single barrel spring, 26 ruby, automatic movement with 38 hours power reserve and a frequency of 28’800 beats per hour (4Hz).

The full technical specifications of the movement can be found here: Sellita SW200


DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coating that Montfort uses is not new to the watch industry. DLC is an amorphous coating of Carbon atoms (SP2 and SP3 bonds similar to those present in diamonds) which has impressive tribology and hardness properties. DLC generally has a hardness between 1’500 – 4’000HV – Our deep Black DLC  has a hardness of about 1’500 – 1’800 HV.


Our Italian leather straps feature a red ‘lorica’ lining. Lorica is a highly resistant synthetic material that is bio-compatible and resistant to sweat. The Straps come in different designs and colors. The Stainless Steel buckles with the Montfort Logo are  have been hardened but not polished. You can hence witness the enlarged grain size and crystalline structure of stainless steel – if the watch case wasn’t polished this is how it would look.
All our straps feature ‘easy click’ pins that allow for quick assembly/disassembly of the straps.